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The Importance and Benefits of Touring a Fully Decorated Model Home

July 2, 2024

The Importance and Benefits of Touring a Fully Decorated Model Home

When considering a new home, there's nothing quite like the experience of walking through a fully decorated model home. This immersive experience offers potential buyers a tangible sense of the space, design and lifestyle that a bare floorplan simply cannot provide. Let's explore why touring a builder's fully decorated model home is so important and the role that skilled designers play in creating these inviting spaces.

Why Tour a Decorated Model Home?

  1. Visualization of Space: Stepping into a decorated model home allows you to see the full potential of the space. It helps you visualize where your furniture might go, how rooms flow into each other and how various elements of the home work together.
  2. Design Inspiration: A well-decorated model home can inspire your own decorating ideas. You can take note of color schemes, furniture arrangements and unique design features that you might want to incorporate into your own home.
  3. Understanding Quality and Craftsmanship: Touring a model home gives you the chance to see the quality of materials and craftsmanship up close. This can be a decisive factor when choosing a builder, as you can assess the attention to detail and the standard of finishes.
  4. Lifestyle Representation: Model homes are designed to reflect the lifestyle of the community. They often showcase the best use of space and highlight the features that make the home and neighborhood special, giving you a sense of what it would be like to live there.

The Role of Designers in Model Homes

Bringing in professional designers to decorate model homes is crucial in creating an appealing and cohesive look. These experts know how to highlight a home’s best features and make the most of every square foot.

Spotlight on Lita Dirks

We are incredibly fortunate to have been partnering with the renowned designer Lita Dirks for over 10 years. Her expertise and creative vision have been instrumental in making our model homes both beautiful and functional.

Lita Dirks's History and Achievements

Lita Dirks is a celebrated interior designer known for her exceptional eye for detail and her ability to transform spaces into stunning works of art. With a career spanning over 25 years, Lita has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from residential homes to commercial spaces. She has been featured in numerous design magazines and has received several awards for her innovative and elegant designs.

Her philosophy centers on creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable and livable. Lita’s approach blends classic and contemporary elements, resulting in timeless designs that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

About Lita Dirks & Co.

Lita Dirks & Co. is one of the most awarded interior design and model merchandising companies in the country, known for creating captivating and livable spaces. Their team, led by Lita Dirks, works closely with builders and developers to ensure that each project reflects the target market's preferences and lifestyle.

Our Partnership with Lita Dirks

Over the past 10 years, Lita has played a vital role in decorating our model homes, ensuring that each one is a true representation of quality and style. Her ability to understand our vision and translate it into beautifully designed interiors has made her an invaluable partner.

Experience the Difference with Sunrise Homes

At Sunrise Homes, we believe that the experience of touring a model home should be as exceptional as the homes themselves. As a local homebuilder serving Louisiana and Mississippi, we take great pride in our attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and the unique touches that set our homes apart. When you tour a fully decorated model home by Sunrise Homes, you will experience the difference that thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship can make.

Upcoming Project: Heritage Oaks Model Home in Picayune

We are excited to announce that Lita Dirk will be visiting us in a couple weeks to put the finishing touches on our new Heritage Oaks model home in Picayune. Her unique design perspective will undoubtedly make this model home a standout, offering prospective buyers a glimpse into the exceptional lifestyle that awaits them in Heritage Oaks.

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to visit the Heritage Oaks model home to experience Lita Dirk’s remarkable work firsthand. We are confident that her design will inspire and impress, just as it has done for the past 10 years.

Welcome to Sunrise Homes

In conclusion, touring a fully decorated model home offers numerous benefits, from helping you visualize your future home to providing design inspiration. With talented designers like Lita Dirks, these model homes become a showcase of style and functionality, making the process of buying a home even easier and more exciting. At Sunrise Homes, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional home-buying journey. We invite you to experience the difference with Sunrise Homes today. 


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