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Mardi Gras 2024—Celebrating Community, Tradition and Philanthropy

January 31, 2024

In the heart of New Orleans, a city rich in culture, tradition and a vibrant sense of community, the annual celebration of Mardi Gras is set to take center stage, and our team at Sunrise Homes couldn’t be more excited. While the dazzling costumes, lively music and vibrant parades are always a sight to behold this time of year, Mardi Gras also holds a rich history and profound meaning that goes well beyond the surface level. Read on to get a better understanding of the philanthropic side of Mardi Gras as well as the events around the area that you won’t want to miss.

Parade routes near you

Let the good times roll as Jefferson Parish gears up for an exciting lineup of Mardi Gras parades in 2024. This year promises a vibrant and festive atmosphere, with a variety of krewes taking to the streets to showcase their creativity and revelry:

  • Krewe of Excalibur - Friday, February 2 at 7pm on the Westbound Route
  • Krewe of Mad Hatters - Saturday, February 3 at 5pm on the Westbound Route
  • Krewe of Atlas - Sunday, February 4 at 4pm on the Westbound Route
  • Mystic Krewe of Music - Monday, February 5 at 6pm on the Westbank Route
  • Krewe of Nandi - Wednesday, February 7 at 6pm on the Westbank Route
  • Krewe of Symphony - Thursday, February 8 at 6:30pm on the Westbound Route
  • Krewe of Isis - Saturday, February 10 at 6pm on the Kenner Route
  • Krewe of Athena - Sunday, February 11 at 5:30pm on the Westbound Route
  • Krewe of Centurions - Monday, February 12 at 6:30pm on the Westbound Route
  • Krewe of Argus - Tuesday, February 13 at 11am on the Eastbound Route

Get ready to paint the town purple, green and gold as Jefferson Parish comes alive with the spirit of Mardi Gras. Make sure you mark your calendars, gather your krewe and join in the revelry as each parade brings its own unique flair to this beloved celebration!

Beyond the beads

While Mardi Gras parades are famous for their elaborate floats, colorful costumes and the tradition of throwing beads to the cheering crowd, they carry a deeper purpose. Many of the Mardi Gras krewes dedicate themselves to charitable endeavors, and the philanthropic spirit of Mardi Gras shines through as they actively engage in community service, fundraising and supporting local causes. 

One remarkable aspect of Mardi Gras philanthropy is the support extended to hospitals. Krewes often organize events and fundraisers throughout the year, culminating in substantial donations to healthcare institutions during the Mardi Gras season. These donations contribute to the improvement of medical facilities, patient care and research initiatives, and the funds raised are a testament to the community’s commitment to giving back and creating a positive impact on the lives of those in need.  

Celebrating community

Mardi Gras has become more than just a grand celebration in the city of New Orleans and the surrounding area. It’s a time when the community comes together to celebrate, support one another and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. As the beads fly through the air and the parades roll down the streets, the philanthropic spirit of Mardi Gras shines brightly—making this celebration one that is committed to giving back to the entire community. If this lively area is one you wish to call home, our team at Sunrise Homes is here to help. Take a look through our available new homes within our highly sought after communities, and give us a call at (985) 649-5002 or fill out our online form to get started.

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