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About Us

Why Sunrise Homes?

LaSalle IIIMost families who buy a new home shop thoroughly, think carefully, compare endlessly - then fall in love and choose Sunrise Homes as their builder - Over 10,000 so far. We are often asked: How is it that Sunrise Homes, with over 55+ year period, has been the choice of more home buyers than any other builder in this region.

What's the secret?

There's no Secret. You can see with just one visit. Our meticulously master-planned communities are designed for every life style and family. You see styling that endures. No fads. Homes and communities that stand the test of time. Floor plans that impress you with their livable, practical flow of space, from formal to informal, entertainment areas to quiets spaces, from children's bonus rooms to an owner's retreats. You will see brand names of trust and materials that are first class, assembled with pride and craftsmanship by people who have honed their skills over a long, long time.

However, there are some things you can’t see. You can’t see the research, striving to learn what your family wants, needs, enjoys. The "behind the scene" debates among architects, engineers, interior designers, purchasing agents and new homes sales specialists over every detail. But this is the only way to be excellent; above all, how to live up to your trust when you choose us to build your new home. We sincerely welcome the opportunity to build your new home.

History and Legacy

Charles KornmanSunrise Homes was founded in 1958 with modest family resources by the late Charlie Kornman, employees of today’s Sunrise Homes still honor the legacy of its founder to …“always provide the best possible housing value” for home-buying families in southeast Louisiana.

Families are at the heart of what we do.  More than 10,000 homes later, Sunrise Homes is still family owned and family focused, building homes today for many third generation Sunrise homeowner families. The professionals of Sunrise Homes know today what Charlie Kornman knew over 55 years ago: that offering our customers superior quality, value and service in family friendly neighborhoods is the way to build not just a business, but relationships that last a lifetime.

Over a half century, Sunrise Homes has adapted to changing times, but much endures at its core. Still a closely held private company, in many respects Sunrise is an extended family. Larry Kornman’s open door policy invites anyone to walk down the hall and visit. Off-the-cuff birthday celebrations, annual company picnics and special occasion parties are intended to make Sunrise both a place to do good work, and a place of lasting friendships. The vision is always forward. High quality at affordable prices remains the ultimate goal. title

Sunrise Homes is continuing to set the tone for housing industry best practices by perfecting the design and construction of a wide selection of livable homes, showcased in a variety of decorated models to help homebuyers visualize themselves and their families in the comfort and quality of a Sunrise home, as well as providing our customers with mortgage assistance and access to some of the region’s most creative and cooperative lenders.